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At FCAC, we aim to help our students excel in dance AND life! We strive to foster a love for creating and performing while building skills and confidence.  Our instructors understand that it is a privilege to stand in front of your child as a mentor and role model. We hope to not only share our love for dance, but also, to teach valuable lessons that can be applied in life beyond the studio. We will lead by example to display sound character, strong work ethic, and a high level of respect for ourselves and others. We are fully devoted to providing dancers of all ages an encouraging environment where they are given the opportunity to grow and excel alongside their dance family. We realize the importance of teaching dancers a solid foundation of technique, while still having fun and enjoying the process! Their future is our #1 priority and we want to see each of our students maximize their full potential. 

We offer a variety of dance classes including combo classes (ballet & tap), pre-dance, jazz, hip hop, pom, lyrical, contemporary, and acro; most of which are offered on a recreational and/or competitive level. Our dance classes are based on a progressive stacking method to ensure our students develop healthy muscles as they explore the world of dance and learn proper technique.  We take careful consideration of age appropriate skills and the presentation of each according to the age groups per class. We strive to find balance so that the spontaneity and enjoyment of dancing is not lost in the learning process.  The best part about dance class is that your children will learn more than just movement! We take pride in creating not only talented dancers, but more importantly, incredible human beings!

Following Christmas break, classes begin learning their choreography that will be performed at the annual recital in May, which is of course our favorite day of the year. We can honestly say there is nothing more rewarding than watching your child shine on stage and showing off all that they've learned throughout the season. 


FCAC’s Recreational Dance Program is geared to children who love to dance or want to stay active, but maybe are not ready for the commitment of a competition team.  ​Attending regular dance classes helps students build social connections in a supportive environment. Rec dancers can experience one or multiple genres of dance! Dancers are encouraged to take classes in multiple disciplines as they grow to aid in being a well-rounded performer! The more styles the dancer trains in, the more versatile their skill level will be. This program requires minimal commitment, yet it still instills a love for the arts, and the child will benefit physically, mentally and emotionally! Our Recreational dancers will perform at our Annual Recital Production in May.  We find that this performance allows our dancers to acquire valuable life skills like personal accountability, independence, discipline and teamwork! We believe that even the youngest (or less experienced) dancers are capable of achieving their goals! If students find themselves wanting more challenging classes or more performance opportunities, we recommend auditioning for FCAC Dance Company. 


FCAC Dance Company is for the intermediate to advanced dancer. The benefits of competitive dance reach far beyond just learning to dance and winning trophies. These dancers build lifelong friendships on the solid foundation of their many hours spent training, competing and socializing together.


Company dancers must demonstrate focus, discipline and drive in class. This program requires an audition to be placed on the team. Our Company Dancers participate in weekly technique, Strength and Flexibility, as well as Leaps and Turns, in addition to their choreography rehearsals.  We make sure that there is balance between working hard and having fun! We want them to excel - and enjoy the learning process!  FCAC Company competes at 3 Regional Competitions (in St. Louis) as well as our annual Recital Production (out of state Nationals every 3 years).  The main goal for our Company is to allow for acceleration in technique, choreography, and performance quality while building a strong foundation of responsibility, self-discipline, and teamwork. These important lessons will carry beyond the dance studio with any path they choose to take in life.

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