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About Us!

We are a family owned and operated dance, gymnastics, cheer and ninja center, located in Farmington, Missouri.  We are known for our welcoming studio atmosphere, loving staff, and variety of programs! Our main goal at FCAC is to make sure each child's experience is fun, educational, safe, and successful. We are fully devoted to providing students of all ages an encouraging environment where they are given the opportunity to grow and excel in their chosen extra-curricular activity. As you browse our site, you will notice we have several activities for boys and girls of all ages. Want to know more? Just ask us! We'd love to hear from you!


Check out our Gymnastics Program at Top Flight Gymnastics.  We offer each child a chance to reach their goals in a safe, fun environment.  We have recreational and competitive classes for children of all ages!


We offer recreational and competitive programs! Our students walk away with new skills, confidence, poise, and self-discipline.   


Our Ninja Warrior Program is a class for kids looking for fun, excitement, and challenge, all in one class.  This class provides students with skills in agility, balance, strength, and flexibility.  


Everybody CHEER! We have a recreational cheer program, as well as an award winning All Star Competitive Cheer Program. If you're child is interested in tumbling, stunting, group activities; this is the class for them! 

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Creating healthy, happy, confident kids...

All under one roof. 

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